ABC PA Political Endorsements

ABC PA endorses the following candidates for office based on their continued support of legislation that contributes to a level playing field and free enterprise in construction.


David Torres (R) 2nd

Leib Bryan (R) 3rd

Pearl Kim (R) 5th

George McCauley (R) 6th

Marty Nothstein (R) 7th

John Chrin (R) 8th

Dan Meuser (R) 9th

John Joyce (R) 13th


Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R) 10th

Rep. Patrick Browne (R) 16th

Rep. Lisa Baker (R) 20th

Rep. Bob Mensch (R) 24th

Rep. Tom McGarrigle (R) 26th

Rep. Jake Corman (R) 34th

Rep. Ryan Aument (R) 36th

Jeremy Shaffer (R) 38th

Rep. Camera Bartolotta (R) 46th

Rep. Mike Folmer (R) 48th

Rep. Michele Brooks (R) 50th


Rep. Curt Sonney (R) 4th

Rep. Barry Jozwiak (R) 5th

Rep. Brad Roae (R) 6th

Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R) 10th

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R) 12th

Rep. John Lawrence (R) 13th

Rep. Parke Wentling (R) 17th

Rep. Mike Turzai (R) 28th

Rep. Mindy Fee (R) 37th

Natalie Mihalek (R) 40th

Rep. Brett Miller (R) 41st

Rep. Keith Greiner (R) 43rd

Valerie Gaydos (R) 44th

Rep. Jason Ortitay (R) 46th

Rep. Keith Gillespie (R) 47th

Timothy O'Neal (R) 48th

Rep. Bud Cook (R) 49th

Rep. Matthew Dowling (R) 51st

Rep. Ryan Warner (R) 52nd

George Szekely II (R) 53rd

Robert Brooks (R) 54th

Rep. Eric Nelson (R) 57th

Rep. Justin Walsh (R) 58th

Rep. Mike Reese (R) 59th

Rep. Jeff Pyle (R) 60th

Rep. Donna Oberlander(R) 63rd

Rep. Lee James(R) 64th

Rep. Kathy Rapp (R) 65th

Rep. Cris Dush (R) 66th

Rep. Martin Causer (R) 67th

Rep. Carl Metzgar (R) 69th

Chris Mundiath (R) 70th

Rep. Tom Sankey (R) 73rd

Rep. Matthew Gabler (R) 75th

Rep. Richard Irvin (R) 81st

Rep. Jeffrey Wheeland (R) 83rd

Rep. Garth Everett (R) 84th

Rep. Fred Keller (R) 85th

Rep. Mark Keller (R) 86th

Rep. Rob Kauffman (R) 89th

Rep. Paul Schemel (R) 90th

Rep. Dan Moul (R) 91st

Mike Jones (R) 93rd

Rep. Stan Saylor (R) 94th

Rep. Steve Mentzer (R) 97th

Rep. Dave Hickernell (R) 98th

Rep. Dave Zimmerman (R) 99th

Rep. Bryan Cutler (R) 100th

Rep. Frank Ryan (R) 101st

Rep. Russ Diamond (R) 102nd

Anthony Harrell (R) 103rd

Rep. Sue Helm (R) 104th

Andrew Lewis (R) 105th

Rep. Kurt Masser (R) 107th

Rep. Tina Pickett (R) 110th

Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R) 120th

Rep. Doyle Heffley (R) 122nd

Rep. Jerry Knowles (R) 124th

Rep. Mike Tobash (R) 125th

Vincent Gagliardo Jr. (R) 127th

Rep. Mark Gillen (R) 128th

Rep. Jim Cox (R) 129th

Rep. David Maloney (R) 130th

Rep. Justin Simmons (R) 131st

Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R) 134th

Rep. Joe Emrick (R) 137th

Rep. Marcia Hahn (R) 138th

Rep. Michael Peifer (R) 139th

Rep. Craig Staats (R) 145th

Rep. Marcy Toepel (R) 147th

Rep. Warren Kampf (R) 157th

Rep. Eric Roe (R) 158th

Patti Rogers Morrisette (R) 161st

Rep. Kate Klunk (R) 169th

Rep. Jack Rader (R) 176th

Rep. Zachary Mako (R) 183rd

Rep. Gary Day (R) 187th

Rep. Rosemary Brown (R) 189th

Torren Ecker (R) 193rd

Rep. Seth Grove (R) 196th

Barbara Gleim (R) 199th

For details on ABC PA’s endorsement process or questions about seeking the endorsement, please contact Brent Sailhamer at


ABC of Pennsylvania Legislative Office
David G. Greineder, IOM, Director of Government Affairs
800 North Third Street, Suite 407
Harrisburg, PA 17102