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From monthly archives: November 2020

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Advocacy Update: Election Recap and Help Us Improve Our Advocacy Program


The 2020 General Election is now behind us. Much like in 2016, the polls were wrong in many respects. In a year when Democrats were projected to win big, the “blue wave” flopped. Democratic operatives were looking to flip control of state legislatures to dictate redistricting processes next year. As it turns out, only two state legislative chambers changed control, both in New Hampshire, and both flipped from Democrat to Republican. Overall, Republicans outperformed expectations, gaining seats both in the U.S. Congress and in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Regarding the congressional delegation, all incumbents won their re-elections, keeping the numbers at nine Republicans to nine Democrats. At the state level, here is a breakdown on where things stand:

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Advocacy Update: Thankful for Engaged Members

Thank you for your service and membership with ABC! It is safe to say the start of the new decade did not go as anyone intended. Our members continue to manage the effects of the pandemic and are concerned about business prospects in 2021. Despite these challenges, ABC chapters and members have been more active in our advocacy efforts than ever before. In fact, during and after the shutdown, our grassroots network grew by nearly 50 percent. Thank you!

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